Call centre breaks Break-the-Chain protocol

NMMC officials collect Rs 1.36 lakhs from OfficeBing

Follow the rules or face action, says NMMC Commissioner Abijit Bangar
NAVI MUMBAI: A Navi Mumbai call centre with 183 employees inside has been found to be violating the Break-the-Chain COVID protocol and the curfew rules.
A flying squad led by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) Turbhe ward officer Subosh Thanekar made a surprise visit to the Call centre OfficeBing and collected penalties totalling Rs 1.36 lakhs. 
The raiding team also found 183 employees working inside violating the social distancing norms and they have been fined Rs 200 each. Later, the Call centre officials posed for a photo-op with the NMMC officers!
NMMC commissioner Abhijit Banga reminded the people that it is their duty to follow the complete COVID protocol and help the administration and the government in its Break-the-Chain drive.