Mumbai flooding won’t stop unless…

BMC must mend its ways, leave space for water to seep in

By Vidyadhar Date

MUMBAI, Aug 10, 2020: We are going to have more flooding if the municipal corporation in Mumbai does not mend is ways. It can easily reduce the problem of flooding if it takes a few simple measures. For this it will have to dismantle its nexus with builders. It is allowing builders to build on almost the whole plot with very small margin on the side. This means all the water flows on to the road. This is a recipe for disaster.

The problem is going to get worse when greedy builders in collusion with some residents redevelop existing buildings flouting all norms. The builders reeling under the slowdown will try to maximise profit in the coming days in league with the civic corporation by leaving very little open space bypassing norms of providing setbacks. This also creates a serious fire hazard because it leaves no space for the fire brigade to enter the premises. So the civic body is adding to our misery, not reducing it.

Most of the existing buildings have covered the open area in their compound with tiles which means there is little absorption of rain water. They could be asked to remove the tiles and restore the natural soil area. The area need not become slushy in the monsoon if surfacing is provided with proper drainage. There should be a ban on concretising the compound area.